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A few years ago I asked a talented home and garden blogger friend, Kellytopaz Firehawk, if she would be willing to blog a number of my product.  Kelly kindly agreed to do this for me.  She had the freedom to choose the items she wanted to blog and the time to do it, without any deadlines.  She did an excellent blog post with many views to date on flickr.   Kelly's post in Flickr . From this came the idea of B&B Collaboration - where bloggers can select one store to feature as the main focus of that blog, to select the items that inspire them and blog them. B&B Collaboration  assists established home and garden designers and bloggers in Second Life to work together in a more flexible and creative way.    It provides an opportunity for bloggers to have more time and choice in their blogging and fo r designers to have more of their new and older products featured.   For bloggers there are often the  requirements of event deadlines, having a large number of stores to blog for a

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